Are Gas Water Heaters More Energy Efficient?

When choosing any appliance these days it comes down to not so much all the neat features or even the upfront cost, but rather how energy efficient it will be to run. After all, who wouldn’t rather spend a little more upfront if it meant saving on the operating costs throughout its life span? Water heaters are in this same realm, you may find yourself wondering if that more expensive upfront gas water heater is more energy efficient.

Are Gas Water Heaters More Energy Efficient?

Gas water heaters come with a number of benefits. They generally last longer, they reheat water faster, and they still work even if you lose power. However, one may see their biggest benefit is that they often cost less to operate. Natural gas-run water heaters typically cost less than an electric model would. Considering it heats water faster too, it seems like the perfect option.

Unfortunately, as you would expect of such a perfect water heater option, there are a few caveats. Gas water heaters also suffer some loss in energy efficiency because, while they operate more efficiently, they also lose heat through the need for venting. Yet, even with a need to vent that leads to heat loss, a gas water heater will still result in a lower monthly bill.

Furthermore, despite the energy efficiency and the lower cost to operate, you also need to consider the upfront costs. A gas water heater itself will cost more to purchase, but you also need to take into consideration your connection. If you don’t have a natural gas connection for a water heater already set up, that will be another installation cost that you may not want to pay.

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