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Busted Water Heater? We Provide 24/7 Emergency Service

If you own a property in Katy, TX, there is a chance that your plumbing will experience damage due to inclement weather. Whether there is a strong windstorm or a rare freeze, exposed pipes as well as underground plumbing lines can sustain damage. When you have no water and you aren’t sure of the cause, you can trust our 24/7 emergency service. Our plumbing experts can quickly respond to residential and commercial emergencies regardless of weather conditions. We promise to provide you the same level of service on nights, weekends, and holidays.

Busted Water Heater? We Provide 24/7 Emergency ServiceShut Off the Water!

Some initial troubleshooting on your part can help us to better respond to your situation. If you have a water leak, take temporary measures to minimize the damage. Most importantly, shut off the water if there is a leak. Leaving a leak in progress can run up your water bill if you are on city water or your electric bill if you are on a well and pump system.

Clean Up Standing Water!

Another good rule of thumb is to ensure that you dry up or mop up any areas of standing water. These can present an electrical hazard and can permit the growth of mold. Standing water may also attract bugs and little critters that you don’t want taking up residence inside your home or building.

Don’t Do It Yourself!

Many emergency plumbing problems you could experience may masquerade as quick-fix issues. If you’re tempted to solve the problem yourself by following a YouTube video or a plumbing how-to article, you take the chance that you will further damage your pipe system. It’s better to call us and briefly discuss your plumbing issues over the phone. We can determine if a service call during non-business hours is essential to restoring your water system to normal conditions before the next business day.

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