Can Tankless Water Heaters Leak?

There are many benefits to getting tankless water heaters, the most well known being that you can get hot water near on demand and infinitely. However, a lesser known benefit of a tankless water heater is that is very unlikely that it will leak.

Can Tankless Water Heaters Leak?

Traditional tank water heaters hold water inside a tank, which is heated and then distributed. While these tanks are guarded against corrosion, they can manifest leaks in a number of ways. Since no water is stored in a tankless model, there is little opportunity for leaks.

Unfortunately, while leaks are widely less likely, meaning you don’t need to be afraid for the surroundings near where you installed it, there are potential malfunctions that can lead to leaks when a tankless water heater is in use. Much of the time, these leaks come from the relief valve or intake. You will also need to be aware that hard water going into a tankless water heater can be just as hard on it as with any other water-using appliance. This is why if you are installing a new tankless water heater model, you may also wish to pair it with a water softening system.

Water leaking from a tankless water heater can also be a sign of a malfunction. If the water heart is not venting properly, it can produce condensation that looks like a leak, but isn’t. However, this build up is still a big problem as it can cause damage to the system from water exposure.

While this all sounds a lot of like a tankless water heater will leak like any other model, all of these circumstances are particularly rare, but still something you need to be able to recognize if they do happen with your tankless water heater.

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