Should You Switch to a Gas Water Heater?

The temptation to switch to a gas water heater can be great. There are many advantages to using gas over electric, but there are drawbacks too. How these end up weighing on you will depend on your needs and how your home is already set up.

Should You Switch to a Gas Water Heater?

Gas Water Heater Installation

Gas is great because water heaters using gas recover almost twice as fast as their electric counterparts. They need smaller tanks because of that, and so less energy is required in standby. This adds up to gas being $25 per month cheaper to operate than an electric unit. That adds up, and by the end of the heater’s lifecycle, you will save $3,000 to $4,000.

So, is a gas water heater for you? It depends. If you care about having more hot water and want to save every dime you can. It could be a good fit. If you are already using gas, then it is an even better situation.

Tankless Water Heaters

Most home owners prefer tankless water heaters over traditional heaters because tankless water heaters give hot water just as soon as you need it and the way it is designed to save space. Heaters that give hot water on demand are easier to maintain, efficient and reliable.

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