Top Signs Indicating That Your Water Heater is in Need of Replacement

Oftentimes, homeowners do not realize how much they rely on their water heater until it stops working suddenly. However, your home’s water heater is an unsung hero that provides you with a consistent supply of hot water with which you can wash dishes, take a shower, and wash your hands. This makes it important that you are aware when it is failing so that you can prepare to have it replaced before it dies. To help prevent your water heater from failing on you suddenly, here are a few signs that you should be on the lookout for indicating that it is failing and may soon need to be replaced.

Top Signs Indicating That Your Water Heater is in Need of Replacement

Your Water Heater is Aging

The first thing you should consider when trying to determine whether or not to replace your water heater is its age. The fact is that most conventional tank water heaters are only made to last between 10 and 15 years. If your heater is nearing, or has passed, this age range, then you may want to consider replacing it sooner than later. If you do not, the risk will continue to increase that your water heater will not be able to provide a continuous supply of hot water, or that it will fail on you suddenly.

It Makes Strange Noises

Regardless of the unit’s age, a clear sign that something is wrong with your water heater, and that you may need to consider having it replaced, is if it begins to make new or unusual sounds. Noises like rumbling, banging, or crackling sounds generally indicate that sediment has built up on the bottom of the water heater’s tank, which is causing the sounds you are hearing. This sediment build-up can cause your tank to become brittle and prone to leaking, and it can also cause the heating element inside the tank to fail. These sounds are then the first clue that you should consider replacing it in the near future.

Your Hot Water Appears Rusty

You should also have cause for concern if the water coming out of your faucets looks rusty when you run hot water. This means that your hot water heater has started to decay, and it will need to be replaced immediately. Of course, if the water is rusty when you run both hot and cold water, then there may be problems with your home’s plumbing.

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